Meet Libby

I like to explore my world with my sketchbook and camera. When travelling I take lots of photos and do watercolour sketches. Through sketching a place I make an experience. That experience of doing the painting or drawing allows me to recall the feelings I have about the place. When I get back into the studio I use those sketches and the experience to help me build a painting that I hope will bring the feeling and the beauty of the place to life on my canvas.

I  feel vulnerable when displaying my art in public. I think most artists do. But it's a way of connecting with the people who will enjoy my work. I find art shows a positive experience. I quite enjoy talking to the people who visit my booth.

Each person will bring their own understanding to a piece based on their personal experiences.  When someone feels a connection to my work, it's very rewarding that I have been successful in sharing my experience. It gives me pleasure knowing someone loves a piece enough to want to enjoy it in their own home.

On the side: about me

I have always enjoyed the creative side of myself whether it was drawing, painting, ceramics or making craft projects. My mom was a maker and influenced me greatly in that area. When my siblings and I were growing my mom would make clothing, dolls, Christmas ornaments, dough baskets, I could go on and on. My favorite memory of making with my mom involved a seventh grade paper mache project. It was a full nativity set spray painted in gold.  And my teacher at the time, Mrs. Nash, was very impressed!

An artist in her natural habitat